Thursday, March 8, 2012

Hermes inspired bag in My Creative Space!

I've been busy working on a new bag pattern this week. Here's how the first one turned out:

I was inspired by this bag I saw a couple of days ago on the Yahoo website:

Mine isn't quite the same - but I do like it! And it cost a lot less than the Hermes version which is set to sell for nearly $2million!!

I've still got to work on the details  - the handle particularly isn't quite right yet...

But that's the fun of pattern making - solving those tricky problems and finding the best way to explain it all!
Watch this space for the completed pattern and tutorial coming soon!

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  1. Great bag Jill!! Your photos look really good too.

    when I first saw the Hermes bag I thought it was made of chocolate, but I guess solid gold is good too, lol.

    Michelle :o)

    1. Thanks Michelle! Mmm...a chocolate version! Great idea!!

  2. It's gorgeous, Jill! $2 million..whatevs...yours is priceless...

  3. That is a cute bag. Stopping by to say hello from the Creating Success Around the World Blog Hop

  4. Love your metallic mesh creation - looks tricky to work with a material like that! It came out very elegant, I think, what a great party bag.

  5. saw that picture yours!!

  6. This looks fantastic - I love the color!!


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